What’s Cord Blood Donation?

Cord Blood Storage:
We strongly recommend stem cell banking and are now considering mother’s fat cell stem collection at C section births, the science is expanding and 30 years later our abilities in medicine will most definitely surprise us.

Our team has evaluated quality, performance, success rates, and responsibilities and liabilities and strongly recommend the use of CRYOSAVE ARABIA for storage.

  • Immediately collected after birth and stored within 48 hours for 30 years. Consider the fee a purchased insurance policy.
  • Private Bank: Cord blood banking for family use. The cord blood will be collected and stored for a fee to be reserved for a family’s exclusive use. This option is fee-based.
  • Cord blood is one of three sources of stem cells used in transplants to treat patients with blood cancers and other hematologic malignancies. The other sources are bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cells.
  • Cord blood is an especially important resource for those patients who do not have an immediate family member who is a match to donate bone marrow or stem cells for transplant.
  • Cord blood is also helpful when a patient needs a transplant quickly. Because the units are stored and readily available, they may be a better option for a patient who cannot wait weeks or months to find a suitable bone marrow donor.

​Families should also be aware that for some blood cancers and malignancies, such as Leukaemia, a patient’s own stored blood most likely could not be used for treatment as those blood stem cells would have the same mutation that caused the disease. However, there are currently clinical trials being performed to treat conditions and diseases such as diabetes, other autoimmune diseases, autism, cerebral palsy, stroke, and spinal cord injury could significantly increase the likelihood of using one’s cord blood.