Reduced sexual desire and libido

A Woman’s sex drive is dependent on many factors:
Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Social including religious beliefs.

Hormonal changes are both physical and psychological which can decrease the desire for sex. Reduction in Estrogen levels result in a decreased interest in sex, reduce lubrication in the vagina, which adds discomfort or even pain during sex, which can have a rippling effect on sexual desire.

​Many women and their partners struggle to cope with these changes.Eventhough many couples continue to enjoy sexual intercourse post menopause.​

Couples commonly express:

  • loss of intimacy with their partners
  • Disagreements on sexual needs
  • Inability to communicate with each other​

Feeling comfortable with your Physician:​

It is uncomfortable to talk with your doctor about your sexual health but it is appropriate to seek help and improve on quality of your life.The result can impact your life in a significant way.​

Confidentialy ask us:​

  • Can we treat reduced libido?
  • Can I return to my previous state?
  • Can I make changes to improve my condition?

Share with your doctor the specific issues at hand, Pain with sex,vaginal dryness, difficulty with orgasm or arousal and your emotional status.​

Treating reduced libido:​

​Reintroducing estrogens can improve libido, improve lubrication and help with mood changes when given as a pill,Cream,Patch,Spray or even IV supplementation however it needs physician supervision due to increased side effects in existing breast and endometrial cancers.