IV Therapy

IV Therapy

Weight Loss

Lipo-TROPIC amino acids reduce fat from liver,increase breakdown,bypass insulin induced fat deposits,reduce craving for sugar and alcohol,decrease fat synthesis and enhance weight loss.

Muscle Build

Supplementing amino acids improves proper consumption and metabolism leading to burning fat and improving healthy muscle gain.

Weight Gain

Lipo-GENIC amino acids reverse anorexia,improve food consumption and leads to a healthy weight gain.

Vibrant Skin

Vitamin C in high doses detoxifies skin and improves damage caused daily by sun exposure to reverse signs of aging so you Look younger.

Female Balance

High Vitamin, mineral and magnesium levels improve female balance to deficiency related PMS, Infertility, Pain with menstruation and weight fluctuations. Women are more sensitive to magnesium deficiency due to fluctuating Sex Hormones.

Hair Stimulant

Vitamin B complex & Zinc stimulate hair growth and help a more full and glossy look., Biotin is an essential component for healthier health.

Liver Detox

Gluthathione a super antioxidant delivered at high concentration to neutralize free radicals and toxins,immune system boost and liver detoxifying IV-DRIP.

Gastro Support

Chronic inflammation reduction leads to improved gastric health in conditions such as "Leaky Gut"-IBS and ulcerative colitis.

Stress Relief

Gluthatione and supplements to decrease muscle damage,speed recovery shift metabolisim from fat to muscle and enhance strenght.

Energy Boost

Increased b vitamins, glutamine and high glutathione lead to improved Human growth hormone production, muscle and energy boost.

Immune Boost

High doses of ascorbic acid, B vitamins and magnesium helps build up your immune system to combat most pathogens..

Memory Boost

High concentration of multi mineral vitamins help enhance memory functions.

Anemia Support

Iron+Vitamin C for increased absorption reduces excess iron need and balances defieciency to boost anemia symptomatology.Adding B12 helps red cell production and improves your nervous system additionaly.

Diabetic Support

High B complex Vitamins reduce peripeheral neuropathic advances associated with daibetes.Vitamin D deficiency is associated with metabolic disorders and diabetes as result of obesity pathophysiology.

Cardiac Support

Alpha-Lipoic Acid is a protector against cardiovascular risks that are major life threaths